The Spring Ball art and why you’re not seeing it in advance

This post was initially published over on the Studio189 page. Come to our party on 25 April to understand more.

Fay and I have talked about the many unknowns we’re expecting people to commit to by coming to the 189 Spring Ball: the secret address, the house full of strangers, the mysterious erotic art. We could have made all this information available in advance, but that would have taken away the pleasure of discovery, which is one of the key things about Studio189: there must be a few unknowns left. Aside from the anticipation of meeting new people, the anticipation of the art is what I am most excited about.

Last time we showed art at 189 was in September 2014 for the preview of the IKWIL debut group show at Curious Duke Gallery. We showed work by three artists who tend to work quite large, usually with pieces above 1sqm. The 189 space behaved amazingly well and accommodated several of these canvases but this obviously limited the number of works we could show. 

This time however, sizes vary considerably, and we have no less than 57 artworks to show and sell on the night.

The exhibition is of erotic art, the kind of sexy, fleshy, funny, attractive and sometimes disturbing visual material that the five artists have produced. It is about their own and other people’s bodies and desires, the result of exposure, immersion and playing around with artistic languages and techniques. 

I was interested in some of this work’s exuberance and its challenging abilities, but also in the dialogue it can generate. This is why we’re only showing bits of it before the night, because we want to register viewers’ reactions there and then. Perhaps we should even do a “seeing-the-art-face” blog post after the 25th and gauge our guests’ opinions on the erotic art.

And so....all will be revealed on the night.