Graffiti Sessions Conference comes to a close in London

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Where does graffiti belong in our cities, and who has the right to decide? How can one balance creativity and criminalisation when it comes to writing graffiti? Does the law have different approaches when it comes to the production of street art and graffiti?

These and other questions were tackled in a three-day conference in London on 3, 4 and 5 December. I Know What I Like supported the efforts of two universities, several research centres and a number of independent organisations to produce and deliver the event, which was successfully attended by hundreds of delegates from the UK and the world.

Conversations were guided by three main themes:

How can cops, courts and cleaning be more economically and socially sustainable for the publics they serve?

Can street art and graffiti practices support claims that they can resocialise, regenerate or revitalise cities and neighbourhoods?

And a call to action: How should policy and practice shift, to take account of contemporary perceptions of street art and graffiti? What approaches could better represent the diverse communities involved and affected?

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