NEW VIDEO: See people's reactions to the art we showed for our debut group show:

I Know What I Like is a London based arts facilitation organisation, offering exceptional social, educational and curatorial programmes.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of arts facilitation activities, with gallery visits and reviews, private art events, exhibition curating and artist representation and mentorship.  We currently represent a small number of international artists from Mexico, Sweden, France, Colombia, Japan, Italy and the UK.

WATCH A SHORT TEASER VIDEO of a private art view we organised in September 2014, featuring the works of Ernesto MunizMandy McCartin and Mohammed Sami: 

We run the best gallery visits in London, with artists, collectors, curators, critics and other inquisitive spirits. In the process, we work towards articulating our preferences, and having more of the London folk say: "I know what I like and why I like it."

Join our existing 850+ members and find out exactly why London is one of the arts capitals of the world.